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Escucha esta canción: Baby (Rock remix). Demasiado buena. Por cierto, te ha ocurrido algo parecido?

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Me gusta esta canción. LL Cool J, presentando a Richie Sambora: Baby (Rock remix). Demasiado buena. Sambora es el ex-esposo de Heather Locklear, dated de Denise Richards… y, claro, guitarrista de Bon Jovi. LL además de rapper es actor (Any Given Sunday, S.W.A.T., Edison, etc.). Este remix, “nacido” en el Giants Stadium, me parece explosivo.

En todo caso, si las cosas que dice nuestro amigo LL Cool J no te han ocurrido, lo siento mucho amigo. Yo diría que debes incluirla en tu lista de las 20 cosas que desearías te ocurrieran antes de morir.

Así empieza: “Met this lil’ girl she was off the hook / I got cold chills when her body shook / Hot Sex on the platter, no need to cook / I let her steal my heart like a horny crook”.

Más adelante, nos dice: “Sexy pumps on, toenails red / Your body’s a gun baby, pump me full of lead / It’s hard to hold you when you movin vulgar.”.

Lo que sigue al primer coro es demasiado bueno: She likes Hip-Hop and Rock & Roll / Her lifetime goal is a movie role / She lookin for a man that could give her a break / Like Usher or Justin Timberlake”. Cool!

Y esta parte es aún más genial: “I’m really not sure if her breasts are fake / Cause with whipped cream on ’em, they taste just like cake”.

No termina allí, porque “We drink some beers inside her dad’s Camaro / She shot me in the back with cupid’s arrow / We finish the 6-pac, she push the seat back / Pulled up her dress and she made me eat that / I’m drunk as a skunk, feeling all dirty”.

No me pregunte a mi, oficial, pregúntele a ella: “Runnin and laughin, music blastin / Side of the road bent over crashing / Mouth all dry, I’ve been pumping herb / If you see my mama, dont say a word / The cops wanna know why my words are slurred / Don’t ask me officer ask hurr / Wanna another drink baby she like surr / Wanna hit the club she like I dont curr”.

Finalmente, nuestro amigo declara: “This all happens on an average day / Your life is the shit, girl I’m here to stay / I never had a girl make me feel this way / Even though I had to pay, you gon’ be my… baby”.

Vamos a escucharla. Pero… full volumen!!

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